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Nextworks has helped many small businesses to save thousands per year on phone bills and modernize their business phone system. We can provide your organization with a state-of-the-art voice platform, provide elegant business phones, and support it all for you. Our proprietary in-house solution with local support is unique and proven. As we don’t rely on 3rd parties we can provide best-in-class local support.
Often we can often lower your phone bill by implementing a Nextworks phone system.

Managed Voice Services

Under a Nextworks Voice plan, we provide and manages all physical and software telephones at a fixed monthly cost. We will work with you to design and deliver a complete system to meet the communication needs of your organization. Our help desk is second to none providing fast local support.

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Customization With Precision

Overview [ Customization ] Your Blueprint Voice Capabilities

We can help your business to effectively communicate with your customers. A successfully implemented voice solution will not only increase customer satisfaction but will also increase the efficiency in each department of your organization.
Partnering with Nextworks results in a precisely customized voice solution. While our competition also provides phones and features, only Nextworks delivers a well-planned and tested system that is a perfect fit for your organization.

Advanced Phones

We deliver high class business phones with the features you expect: high definition audio, large screen size, bluetooth, wireless, expansion module, and VPN capable.

Work from Home

Nextworks Voice works in the office, at home, or on the go. Working remote has never been easier. Utilizing both physical or software phones increases productivity of your staff.


A soft-phone is a replacement for a physical desktop phone. Using a soft-phone allows you to save space and increase mobility. All that is needed is either a wired or bluetooth headset.

Caller Metrics

View your call volume by any number of parameters to help measure the workload of your staff and hold time of your customers. Most of our competition can’t.

Compliance & Training

If required you can record all or some calls to aid with compliance or training. A feature typically only available for large organizations, Nextworks Voice brings this ability to every client.

Activity Dashboard

Monitor and manage caller activity for your organization from a dashboard. With the aid of the dashboard you can intercept calls, train new employees, monitor hold times, know who is available, and more.

Your Local Voice Solution Partner

Your Nextworks account manager is available to aid and assist with the blueprint of your system. Our client support team is unsurpassed.

Your Blueprint

Overview Customization [ Your Blueprint ] Voice Capabilities

As your Business Voice partner, we work together to define a solution that best fits your organization. Initially deploying in a testing environment ensures your staff can become familiar with the new capabilities. Once fine tuning is complete the new service goes into action.

Issuing Nextworks Voice phones to staff working remote provides an alternative to using personal cell phones. This helps to safeguard your communication channel with your most valuable asset: your customers.


Overview Customization Your Blueprint [ Voice Capabilities ]

Nextworks Voice is not a shotgun approach to phones as is the case with most other voice providers. No two installations are the same. Your specific requirements are carefully examined. But just as important, we can often suggest possible improvements on how an optimized phone workflow can help your team's performance.

Auto Attendant Menus to guide callers through their options
Ring Groups Ring multiple extensions at once or in line
Holding Queues Diverse options for how callers can wait to speak to an agent
Dynamic Workgroups Staff members can enter or exit ring groups at the push of a button
Digital Voicemail Options Send voicemail to individual or shared mailboxes
Follow Me Mobility Simple sequence to forward calls to your cell phone
Desk + Laptop Phone Ring both your desk phone and your computer
Night Mode Automatic switching to night mode
Holiday Mode Simple push of a button to change to holiday mode
Conferencing Internal and external conference calling
Digital Directory Dial by name for reaching extensions direct
Activity Reports Online charts of caller activity showing volume and focus of calls
Custom Messaging¹ Professional INPHO announcements and hold messages ¹optional

More Customization

Targeted Delivery

Better Phones

Greater Capability

Local Support

Utmost Dependability

Nextworks IT

[ Overview ] Cloud Migration & Support Cybersecurity Virtual CIO

An IT Partnership with Nextworks allows you to focus on your business, streamline processes, and reduce costs. Under a Managed IT Services relationship, Nextworks assumes critical IT responsibility from Help Desk to Virtual CIO, at a fixed monthly cost.
To Nextworks a Managed IT Services engagement is pride in ownership. The health and security of the network is our responsibility. A properly designed and managed IT environment is paramount in our partnership. IT is a fundamental cornerstone of the operation of your business. This is what we do.

IT Strategic Planning

An IT Strategic plan defines how the process of business management uses technology to guide operations. The plan outlines areas where IT can contribute to the organization’s ability to gain a competitive edge.

24×7‭ ‬Monitoring & Response

With ongoing proactive insights into your network, its soundness and security are safeguarded through intelligent alerts and forecasting. Nextworks proprietery monthly audits deliver an additional layer of protection.

Friendly and Highly Available Help Desk

Pride is taken in our rapid response under a service level agreement. Our support team is friendly and effective. We are committed to an organized and thoughtful approach to IT support.

IT Security Compliance

A compliance framework helps your organization define and enact standards for business continuity and cybersecurity. Nextworks can help guide you through common compliance frameworks such as HIPAA, CJIS, CIS, and others.

Cloud Migration & Support

Overview [ Cloud Migration & Support ] Cybersecurity Virtual CIO

Nextworks has successfully helped over 100 clients with IT cloud decisions. Let us assist with a comparison matrix supported by a 5-year IT TCO comparing degrees of cloud commitment. With proper processes, checks, and testing, a desired outcome can be delivered with fewer obstacles and unforeseen complications.
With attention to IT best practices, our team can deploy and manage your systems and cloud services with measurable results, based on repeatable procedures that have been proven over time.

Cloud Benefits

Migrating your core IT functions into the cloud delivers flexibility, increases uptime, disperses up-front costs, and removes physical servers from your facility.

High Availability

A disaster recovery plan is synonymous in a cloud environment. Data backups, server redundancy, and safeguarding firewalls all can work seamlessly in the cloud.

Cyber Security

Overview Cloud Migration & Support [ Cybersecurity ] Virtual CIO

Small organizations have the same concern for IT security as do larger ones. Cyber criminals have shifted their strategy from broad sweeps to well researched and targeted attacks. The need to protect your digital assets and network is greater than ever. Nextworks proprietery small business matrix and reporting delivers a layered security model. Let us navigate you through the complexities of IT security and compliance.

Auditing & Testing

We developed proprietery systems of daily reviews of critical systems such as data backups, server health, and malware threats. Monthly examination of all critical systems.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Adding an additional layer of security to your online accounts beyond just the username and password to gain access.

Backup & Replication

A principal defense against data loss or corruption is ensuring that core data is replicated off site. Restoration tests regularly exercise process and delivery.

Employee Awareness

Security awareness training for a better understanding of cybersecurity threats. Most intrusions take place using social engineering to deceive staff into providing passwords.

Security Policies & Procedures

Defining IT best-practice operational procedures keeps your team in a security conscience mindset. Media disposal, data encryption, password change cycles, etc.

Threat Alertness & Monitoring

Staying aware of current exploits and avoidance procedures. Endpoint protection with live notifications of any intrusion.

Virtual CIO

Overview Cloud Migration & Support Cybersecurity [ Virtual CIO ]

A Virtual CIO introduces technologies that are smart long-term strategic investments for your organization. Successfully balancing business strategy with day-to-day technology use is a task that requires an expansive outlook of the digital landscape.
Recommendations made are concentric around gaining operational efficiency, reducing costs, and growing your bottom line. Your vCIO can be indispensable for linking IT systems to your organization’s objectives. The Virtual CIO Role is included with a Managed IT Services plan.
IT Budget & Review
Providing a roadmap of IT expenses encompassing hardware, cloud services, Internet connectivity, telecommunications, software, and IT professional services. A comprehensive IT plan helps to establish a common goal.
Business Continuity
How will your organization function if you lose Internet for an extended period? What if your data is unavailable due to a natural disaster or cyber-attack? Having a plan with redundancies in place can keep you operational.
Workforce Software
Facilitate a needs assessment process for the selection of your operational applications: Software maintenance, data backups, and cloud security protocols. Integration into your workflow with high availability and security paramount.
Industry Compliance
When required by your industry, insurance carrier, or if you are merely exercising prudent quality and safety measures, Nextworks proprietary small business approach can guide you through the due diligence of IT compliance.

Being exposed to a diverse range of businesses, Nextworks has revelations into many technological problem solving solutions. Together we can apply ideas that are proven.

Best Practices for
IT Management

High Availability

IT Organization
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Reduced IT Costs
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Monitoring, Measuring,
and Reporting

Fast & Effective

Only 10+ Year IT

Proactive Response
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About Nextworks

[ Overview ] Our Expertise Our History

With proper processes, checks, and testing, a desired outcome can be delivered with fewer obstacles. With attention to best practices, our team can deploy and manage your IT and Voice solutions with measurable results.
Every member of our technical team has a proven track record with at least a decade of experience. These essential resources facilitate communication and understanding, and helps to assure the continuity of your organization.

Andrej Miske

Principal Consultant

Andrej brings over 25 years of IT experience for your business. Exposed to 100s of networks he has developed ability to match technology to your business goals. He acts as vCIO for many of our existing clients. He is MCSA/MCSE Certified Microsoft Professional since 2006.

full bio...

Colby Barron

Principal Consultant

Colby's background includes over 25 years of senior management in Information Systems, Software Development, and Internet Services. Barron was an early Internet pioneer, providing access to thousands of users in the mid 90’s.

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Matej Ondrusek

System & Process Architect

Matej has over 25+ years of IT experience with focus on designing complex networking and system solutions for SMB clients. He believes that good design is what makes technology reliable in the first place, and understanding of client's goals is a key to good design.

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Richard Palmer

Sr. IT Consultant

Rich brings 15+ years of IT focused customer support skills to the Nextworks team. He has helped support companies of all shapes and sizes ranging from 1 user to 65,000 users with their IT needs. Rich holds a degree in Computer Information Systems from his hometown college in Auburn, NY and relocated to the West Coast in 2011 to further his career.

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Nate Jarvis

IT Consultant

Nate joins the Nextworks team with over ten years of IT sales and support experience and a die-hard enthusiasm for technology and gadgets. From a very young age, Nate showed a tremendous interest in electronic systems. Always keen to take things apart and figure out how the component pieces work together, years of hobbyist interest morphed into a career.

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Patrick Quan

IT Consultant

Patrick joins the Nextwork Team with over 15+ years of IT experience in a variety of Fortune 500 corporations, including financial, health, manufacturing, creative, advertising, and marketing agencies.

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Our Expertise

Overview [ Our Expertise ] Our History

“Responsibility is a unique concept... You may share it with others, but your portion is not diminished. You may delegate it, but it is still with you... If responsibility is rightfully yours, no evasion, or ignorance or passing the blame can shift the burden to someone else. Unless you can point your finger at the man who is responsible when something goes wrong, then you have never had anyone really responsible.” - Hyman Rickover

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Our History

Overview Our Expertise [ Our History ]

In 2011 we saw an opportunity to better help local businesses with IT services in the greater Portland area. With years of experience, we found a balance between price and quality of service. The word got out and today many local businesses gain from our IT Managed Services.
In 2019 we started a focus on superior business phone systems. We found many of our clients trapped with old and expensive phone systems. We then developed Nextworks Voice. Nextworks did not want to rely on 3rd party products and make compromises. We stand behind our superior solution with amazing support.

Celebrating 10 Years

It's been a lot of hard work and dedication but we made it. Decade ONE accomplished. Many thanks to our amazing clients and equally our team. Here's to another 10 years.

Fast Local Support

Pride is taken in our rapid response. Our support team is friendly and effective. Most support requests can be solved online. Of course, we'll be on-site if needed.

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Providing a Frictionless Workflow

Resource Center

We keep tabs on the latest insights, security threats, and new developments in cloud technologies.

Email Security Awareness

These simple steps can help you prevent becoming a victim of cyber attack.

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Email Spoofing

Have you received an alert from an acquaintance that they received a peculiar email from you?

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Living with Spam

How do fraudulent emails continue to get through to me even though I have a spam filter?

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Phishing Quiz

Security awareness training can help to keep all staff aware of phishing attempts.

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Security for IT Services

July 2019: Capital One disclosed one of the largest thefts of personal information from a bank to date.

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Windows 7 End Of Life

Microsoft ends support for the Windows 7 operating system.

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