Why Outsource Your IT to Nextworks?

Our team takes pride in being the best.

Outsourcing IT allows you to focus on your business, streamline process, and reduce costs. Under a Managed Services relationship, Nextworks assumes all IT responsibility, from Help Desk to Virtual CIO, at a fixed monthly cost.

At Nextworks, we:

Deploy Best Practices for IT Management
Deliver High Availability Networks
Deploy Monitoring, Measuring, and Reporting
Deliver Proactive Response & IT Strategic Planning
Deploy Utmost IT Organization and Efficiency
Deliver Reduced IT Costs with Superior Results
Deploy Only 15+ Year IT Veterans
Deliver Fast and Effective Response

Migrating to the Cloud

Smart outsourcing to the cloud can simplify IT and bring peace of mind.

Moving to the cloud can make good business sense. Nextworks can help you determine if cloud integration can reduce complexity and increase agility.

Let us provide you with a 5 year IT TCO plan, weighing costs and advantages of a cloud vs. an in-house model. If the cloud is right for your business, we have partnered with industry leaders in cloud services.

Nextworks excels in Office 365 migrations. With each migration, our team gains further experience. And, we have completed many. Essential to success is planning, meeting milestones, and most importanly, transparency to your staff.

Set Out for Better IT Today

Is my network secure from attacks? Is my data safe from loss?

Nextworks offers a free IT assessment and outlook, reporting on your securty, data integrity, compliance, and robustness. Reach out and make an appointment today.