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Nextworks provides an alternative to a break/fix IT approach. Under a Managed Services Provider (MSP) agreement, Nextworks deploys a range of processes, capabilities, and functions for the purpose of improving IT operations, normalizing expenses, and streamlining workflow.

vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer)
We help with top level IT planning & budgeting to help your core business.
24x7 Remote Monitoring
We receive an automatic alert if your key systems' health or security are in trouble.
Account Manager Assigned to Your Business
Nextworks assumes responsibility for your IT. We take pride in ownership.
30 Minute Response / 4 Hour Commencement SLA
This is our guarantee, but we almost always do better.
Monthly Report System
Our proprietary network checklist of active tasks and risk identification.
On-Site Checkups
While much can be conducted remotely, a regular on site presence is often helpful.
Licensing Compliance Tracking
We track your licenses for users and devices across your network.
Hardware, Software, and Service Expiration Tracking
We track cloud service renewals, equipment warranties, security certificates, etc.

User/Endpoint Management  
Spam and Antivirus Systems
We provide licensing and management for Antivirus and Spam systems
Help Desk
We're here when you need us, either remote or on-site.
Monthly Workstation Review, Patch Management, and Tune-Up
Your workstations get a regular maintenance and review.
Virus & Trojan Software Management
Your AV software is properly configured, regularly reviewed, and kept current.
Vendor Hardware Liaison
If a workstations fails, we'll work with the vendor for warranty support as needed.
Printer and Scanner Management
Nextworks will maintain the network functions and work directly with vendors.
Virus & Trojan Removal
Despite all the counter measures, malware is sometimes unavoidable.
Annual Inventory of Desktops, Laptops, and Devices
You may wish to know the hardware and installed software on each machine.
User Onboarding and Offboarding
We'll facilitate adding new employees and assist in process with your HR.

Cloud/Server Management  
Local and Cloud Backups Monitoring
We ensure that your local and cloud server backup logs are reviewed.
Integration of Multiple Cloud Providers
As your Virtual CIO, Nextworks can help optimize the compatibility with cloud vendors.
Exchange & SQL Database Maintenance
We ensure that your databases have proper maintenance plans are being backed up.
Monthly Server Review, Patch Management, & Tune-Up
Your servers get regular maintenance and review. This is a documented process.
Recovery of Server in Case of Failure
If your server completely fails, we'll stay all night, weekends... as long as it takes.
Routine Operational Tasks Such as User Management
We perform the regular tasks such has changing permissions, adding users, etc.
Vendor Software Liaison
Nextworks can be your interface to your critical software vendor. (optional)
Periodic Data Recovery Tests
Critical data is restored from backup and tested on a semi-annual basis.

Network Management and Security  
Monthly Version Review and Patch Management
Your network hardware receives a regular review for updates and health.
Recovery of Network Equipment in Case of Failure
If your equipment completely fails, we'll stay all night, weekends... as long as it takes.
Routine Operational Tasks Such as User Management, Etc.
We perform regular tasks such has adding users to VPNs or updating content filters.
Configuration Backups
Nextworks backs up your routing configurations, firewall policies, VLANS, etc.
Telco and ISP Liaison
Nextworks manages the relationship with your Internet and digital telephone line provider.
SNMP, Syslog, and Traffic Monitoring
Nextworks can monitor the activity of core networking equipment.

Nextworks Managed IT Services

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