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Your Local Business Phone System Provider
Nextworks has helped many small businesses to save thousands per year on phone bills and modernize their business phone system. We can provide your organization with a state-of-the-art voice platform, provide elegant business phones, and support it all for you. Our proprietary in-house solution with local support is unique and proven. As we don’t rely on 3rd parties, we can provide best-in-class local support.

Often your overall phone costs may decrease under Nextworks Voice because you can discontinue your existing phone service.

Managed Voice Services

Under a Nextworks Voice™ plan, we provide and manage all physical and software telephones at a low, fixed monthly cost. We will work with you to design and deliver a complete system to meet the voice communication needs of your organization. Compare us to the competition.

Conference Room Phone

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Customization With Precision

Overview [ Customization ] Your Blueprint Voice Capabilities FAQs

We can help your business to effectively communicate with your customers. A successfully implemented voice solution will not only increase customer satisfaction but will also increase the efficiency in each department of your organization.
Partnering with Nextworks results in a precisely customized voice solution. While our competition also provides phones and features, only Nextworks delivers a well-planned and tested system that is a perfect fit for your organization.

Advanced VoIP Phones

We deliver high class business phones with the features you expect: high definition audio, large screen size, bluetooth, wireless, expansion module, and VPN capable.

Yealink 53w Phone

Work from Home

Nextworks Voice works in the office, at home, or on the go. Working remote has never been easier. Utilizing both physical or software phones increases productivity of your staff.


A softphone is a replacement for a physical desktop phone. Using a softphone allows you to save space and increase mobility. All that is needed is either a wired or bluetooth headset.

Caller Metrics

View your call volume by any number of parameters to help measure the workload of your staff and hold time of your customers. Most of our competition can’t.

Compliance & Training

If required you can record all or some calls to aid with compliance or training. A feature typically only available for large organizations, Nextworks Voice brings this ability to every client.

Phone Panel

Activity Dashboard

Monitor and manage live caller activity for your organization from a dashboard. With the aid of the dashboard you can intercept calls, train new employees, monitor hold times, know who is available, and more.

On-Site Services

On-Site Installation & Support

A Nextworks VoIP engineer will evaluate your network's ability to host VoIP phones. We will then deliver and install your phones at your office. Service is also conducted on-site as required.

Nextworks VoIP Services

Your Local Voice Solution Partner

Your Nextworks account manager is available to aid and assist with the blueprint of your system. Our client support team is unsurpassed.

Your Blueprint

Overview Customization [ Your Blueprint ] Voice Capabilities FAQs

As your local Business Voice partner, we work together to define a solution that best fits your organization. Initially deploying in a testing environment ensures your staff can become familiar with the new capabilities. Once fine tuning is complete the new service goes into action.

Phone Rule Diagram

This included service is a Nextworks distinct advantage over the competition.

Working From Home?

Issuing Nextworks Voice phones to staff working remote provides an alternative to using personal cell phones. This helps to safeguard your communication channel with your most valuable asset - your customers.

Remote Phone Diagram


Overview Customization Your Blueprint [ Voice Capabilities ] FAQs

Nextworks Voice is not a shotgun approach to phones as is the case with most other voice providers. No two installations are the same. Your specific requirements are carefully examined. But just as important, we can often suggest possible improvements on how an optimized phone workflow can help your team's performance.

VoIP Options

Auto Attendant Menus to guide callers through their options
Ring Groups Ring multiple extensions at once or in line
Holding Queues Diverse options for how callers can wait to speak to an agent
Dynamic Workgroups Staff members can enter or exit ring groups at the push of a button
Digital Voicemail Options Send voicemail to individual or shared mailboxes
Follow Me Mobility Simple sequence to forward calls to your cell phone
Desk + Laptop Phone Ring both your desk phone and your computer
Night Mode Automatic switching to night mode
Holiday Mode Simple push of a button to change to holiday mode
Conferencing Internal and external conference calling
Digital Directory Dial by name for reaching extensions direct
Activity Reports Online charts of caller activity showing volume and focus of calls
100% VoIP Services High definition clear communications
Custom Messaging¹ Professional INPHO announcements and hold messages ¹optional

More Customization

Targeted Delivery

Better Phones

Greater Capability

Local Support

Utmost Accountability

Frequently Asked Questions

Overview Customization Your Blueprint Voice Capabilities [ FAQs ]

Managed Voice Services are a new standard for delivering business phone systems. We can help answer some of the questions you may have.


What is meant by managed voice services?

Managed voice services is the delivery and support of an enterprise class telephone solution provided at a set monthly cost. This service includes all telephone hardware and software, customer service, training, maintenance, updates, equipment replacements, and call flow setup and changes.

Can I forward voicemails to email?

Each person can independently determine if they would like to receive voicemail messages as an audio attachment in an email, from a physical phone, or both.

What is considered a softphone?

A softphone is an alternative to a physical phone. This software application can run on a desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device. If running on a computer, a microphone and speaker are required. Any USB or Bluetooth headset should suffice.

What are softphone calls?

A softphone call is just a normal phone call. Using a softphone on a computer would require a headset. If used on a laptop or mobile device your work phone can go where you go. Using your softphone for business calls instead of a personal cell phone would allow you to better separate work life from home life.

What is the difference between a softphone and a hard phone?

The two work the same. A softphone can be used in conjunction with a physical desk phone. An example of this is having a desk phone at the office and a softphone on your laptop. Each could share the same extension.

What is VoIP?

Voice over IP (VoIP) is using the local network and/or the Internet to send and receive calls instead of using conventional phone lines. VoIP decreases costs and increases capability.

How is my new phone system priced?

Your monthly rate is calculated by the number of extensions. There is a small setup fee to get started. Get a quote today.

Are old phones updated under a managed voice services plan?

Any damaged phones are quickly replaced without charge. As phones become outdated and are no longer able to deliver the requirements of your organization they are replaced.

Will Nextworks deliver and install our phones in person?

Nextworks will travel to your place of business within the Portland/Vancouver greater area. If you work from home, phones can be delivered to your office or shipped directly to you.


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