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Under the Hoodie



April 2024 | Nextworks



We hear about Internet scammers regularly. We see those hacker-hoodie stock images. But have you wondered what’s underneath that "hoodie"?

Instead of reading (or skipping past) another boring article about effective cybersecurity safeguards and formulating computer use policies, let’s instead have a little fun and watch some cyber criminals in action. See how they work, and how some YouTubers are having a good time hacking the hackers and producing videos exposing them.

This video dismantles a common scam. At about 5½ minutes in, pay particular attention to how the scammer gets past conventional 2FA.

 Dismantling a Scam by Jim Browning

By learning a little bit about how they work, you can be better prepared to prevent them from preying on you.

For fans of classic revenge movies, such as Unforgiven or Carrie, here’s an amusing short YouTube video of scammer revenge.

 Scammers PANIC After I Tell Them Their REAL Names by MidnightSB

These two examples happen to take place in India. We don’t mean to pick on India, because India contains many of the most brilliant minds in information technologies and software development. We all owe much gratitude to this amazing country. Internet scamming is worldwide. An office full of cyber criminals can be in the building across the street.

We hope that these videos shed some light on cybersecurity from a different perspective.

Stay informed. Stay safe.

Refer to our related 2022 article “Cybercriminals are Defeating MFA/2FA to Access Your Online Accounts” to understand how 2FA can be compromised.

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